Empress Josephine Style LBPI
Wedding Invitations


'Empress Josephine' letterpress wedding invitations show a design influenced by the imperial French court of the late 18th century. Shown here with the 'Johann Sparkling' typestyle, perhaps even Napoleon's lady would have received such an invite?

The 'Empress Josephine LBPI' carries a letterpressed border along the left edge giving an engraved or etched effect, finished with a deckled edge and presented on a portrait invitation with letterpressed text.

Featured in display with
Ink: Colour / Fern
Pattern: Colour / Sand
Text: Typestyle / Century Gothic
Names: Typestyle / Johann Sparkling
Paper: Fabriano 60 % Cotton / 220 gsm
/ White
Envelope: Fabriano / White (Triangle Flap)
1 Invitation + 1 embossed envelope
1 RSVP + 1 embossed envelope
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Discounts are shown in the store, invitations can be purchased as a set with rsvp's, save the date cards, thank you's etc or on their own.

Envelopes also available in powder blue, vellum, pink parfait, cream and heather, you can also choose your ink colour and typestyles to suit.

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