Wedding Invitation Ink Colours

Willow Wood inks are mixed in-house using our own formulas & specifications to achieve clean and exciting colours. The inks are weighed to exact amounts using highly accurate electronic scales, then mixed until thoroughly blended to give the final colours.

Working with colour is one of the more difficult aspects of any graphic design process, shades are not only infinite but also changeable depending on light and background. You may pick a colour which feels perfect but laid alongside another the shade can change giving an entirely different effect. A deep blue placed next to a red will often take on a purple appearance, that's just a simple example.

The swatch will show you our full range of colours and the new mixing centre below will allow you to try different colours alongside each other to help you find the right contrasts and matches. It's amazing what colours will actually work together. Once you've found the colour(s) you like simply make a note of the name which you can use at the online store when you order.

You should also be aware that the display on your monitor screen may not be accurate and may give a different effect to the actual colours we are offering. If you are uncertain about the suitability of a colour then you should email us for a sample. If you would like a colour that is not shown here we may be able to help you so feel free to ask, a colour matching service is available!

Ink Colour Swatch

Primrose Poppy Sky Caramel
Melba Ruby Wedgewood Cinnamon
Tangerine Plum Aquamarine Sienna
Mandarin Periwinkle Teal Bark
Cotton Candy Heather Lichen Toffee
Almond Blossom Popinjay Lime Sand
Strawberry Milkshake Saphire Willow Gold
Pink Parfait
Amarante Nettle Copper
Dusky Rose Alice Blue Fern Silver
Bilberry Lavender Blush Thistle Grecian Blue
Mulberry Blue Ice Taupe Ash
Floriel Powder Blue Chocolate Noir
Celebration Forget-Me-Not Chestnut

Ink Colour Mixing Centre

To mix ink colours hover over the colour chips below and they will appear in the display area. There are two sets of colour chips, the first set displays in the top window and the second set displays in the bottom window. This is a great little tool and we hope you enjoy using it. If you have any ideas for other tools let us know, we want to know what our customers would find useful so drop us an email!

Tool Tip! Fill display 1 with a colour then run through the colours in chip set 2 to try all the combinations quickly, you will be surprised
at what works!

Chip Set 1

Chip Set 2