What Are Letterpress Wedding Invitations?

Our fine quality products are produced using traditional crafts and skills most of which revolve around our antique letterpress machines. The finished letterpress wedding invitations we offer you are something truly unique and a superb way to announce your wedding.

Letterpress printing has almost become a thing of the past but is now enjoying a renaissance as once again many are looking beyond mass produced products in favour of the bespoke - you can see why when you look at our wedding invitations! Our antique letterpresses are beautifully constructed machines weighing in at half a tonne each, made by men who were both the children of steam locomotion and the engineers of it. Patiently restored to full working order they function (incredibly) in near silence. To see these great lumbering beasts spring to life, a mass of moving parts scarcley making a sound is an amazing thing and creates instant admiration for those who fathered the design.

The term 'letterpress' comes from the simple process that brings ink and paper together. A moving cast iron table called a 'platen' is pushed towards another static 'platen' or type bed which holds a frame-like device called a 'chase'. The 'chase' holds either led type or acid etched plates which are locked-up using 'quoins'. Ink is then transfered to the chase by rollers from the top plate and thus to the paper or card as the two platens come together and the letters are 'pressed' in.

Reputed to be the finest platen presses in the world, The 'Arab' made by Mr Josiah Wade Of Halifax, Great Btitain. Our oldest machine dates from the end of the 1800's.

Our presses known as 'Arab' plattens are famous world-wide and unequalled in their day for print quality and have never been bettered by any treddle press.

Letterpress is often used to give a distinctive 'impression' mark on the paper, a simple embossed effect which we also replicate on a more specialist footing for producing some patterns for our wedding stationery. The effects are improved not just by applying pressure but also using suitable materials, softer papers generally yield a better impression, though there's a lot more to it than that.

We use only fine quality paper and board mostly from a globally renowned Somerset mill one of the oldest still working in europe, but we do also use Italian stock. For more on papers visit our 'Paper Specifier' page.

Our aim as a family run business has been to produce designs of a high quality that are elegant and stylish, providing an invitation that will be a delight both to send and receive. We wanted to send customers a product that really gives a thrill when you open the box, after all this is your wedding day and everything about it should be unforgettable.

Letterpress printing offers that ability and we're sure that you'll come to feel the same way we do.

Magnesium plates etched by acid are now the most common form of printing for letterpress printers. Though most still carry a good collection of led type it is seldom used. These plates do exactly the same job but without the hours of back-breaking type setting.

Examples Of Letterpress work in text and patterns

Examples Of Embossed work in patterns

What Are Embossed Wedding Invitations?

Most people will have some understanding of the term embossed but I don't suppose many will realise how much it can grace a product. Often embossed patterns are only used in a small area to give a three dimensional feel such as on some greeting cards but applied as the central theme with the right designs the effect is stunning.

Guaging depths can be very difficult, too much and the paper will become frail or worse still 'break-out'. It's all about knowing how far to go and which kinds of design offer the best results.

But you don't need me to say anymore you can browse the 'Style Gallery' and see for yourself. When you hold an embossed wedding invitation in your hand you feel very special indeed.

Wedding Invitation Embossing Die

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