Wedding Invitation Paper Specifications

The choice of paper for letterpress wedding invitations is just as important as the style of design. The quality needs to be equal to the design but we also wanted to reflect the warmth of feeling that our wedding invitations give. If you've come to Willow Wood it's because you've already decided that you want something other than the smooth hard finish of a modern invitation.

Our papers (or 'boards') have been carefully selected because they satisfy both elements, quality presentation and atmosphere. We use two main 'Paper Houses' which between them provide our boards and offer you something really special.

Somerset Paper

We use Somerset acid free 100% cotton paper, this truly is one of the finest papers around made by one of the oldest working mills in Europe dated at the early 1700's. The paper is made using the pure water of the nearby river Axe where papermaking has been going on for more than four hundred years.

The boards have a rich textured finish and give a fantastic traditional feel to our products, linking hands with a time when quality counted more than quantity. Invitation and RSVP sets are made from matching materials and supplied with various contrasting envelopes (see the envelope gallery for details) and despatched in a protective box.

The Boards vary from 250 gsm to 300 gsm giving the best possible results for embossing and letterpress.

Available in Radiant White, Soft White and Cream.

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Cartiere Miliani Fabriano

'Fabriano' is a small town in the Marches region of Italy from whence the manufacturer draws their name. The town became known as one of the key paper making centers in Europe towards the end of the thirteenth century and was responsible for much of the technical developments that took place in the industry thereafter.

The art of paper making was actually introduced to the west from the Arab world and strong trade links through the nearby port of Ancona helped Fabriano to develop. The papermakers of Fabriano were the first to use watermarks in their sheets and first to conquer the problems of aging and deterioration which paved the way for paper to become the officially accepted medium for public records.

From here on Fabriano's workshops appeared in the key Italian cities of Rome, Genoa, Florence and Venice but also spread through Provence, northern France, Spain and throughout Europe. In 1782 Pietro Miliani founded the paper company 'Cartiere Miliano' which later became known as 'Cartiere Miliani Fabriano' .

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We are currently using the Fabriano 'Medioevalis' a fine quality traditional mould made paper with hand deckled edges and matching envelopes. The invititations are accompanied by smaller RSVP's of the same material and all come in a protective box for posting.

This Board is 260 gsm, it has a course texture and harder finish and yields good results for letterpress and embossing.

Available only in white.

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