Letterpress Wedding Invitation Typestyles

There's a vast number of typestyles (or fonts) now available through the World Wide Web and we've put together a collection we think you'll like.

You can choose to have your letterpress wedding invitation printed all in the same typestyle OR the text in one style and the bride and groom's names in another. To give a hand written feel we recommend one of the 'script' fonts for the names contrasted by a 'print' font for the main text. There is no extra charge for using two typestyles.

We've also given you some tools to help with your task. Our List of fonts appears below and with each font name you will find a unique ‘T Number’ as it's identifier, see the '3 step guide' below. Hover over a 'link' to display a sample in the preview panel.

And remember, have fun!

Step One

Browse through all the fonts as long as you like until you've made your choice then make a note of the ‘T Number(s)’.

Step Two

Once you have decided on the final typestyles for your wedding invitation you can click here to place your order.

Step Three

If you 'd like to view all the styles together click on the link below to download a PDF file to your pc, you can view it or print it out. We hope this helps, but drop-us an email if you need advice.

Have your chosen your ink colours and your wording option yet?

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