Setting A Date For Your Wedding

Ideally you should start planning your wedding as early as possible, at least four to six months ahead if you can. This may vary depending on your venue, some of the large country houses now available for hire can be a wonderful setting but may be booked months in advance so check early on that your venue is available for your chosen date.

If you have relatives who will be coming from abroad remember that their attendance will be more complicated and you need to allow them enough time to make their travel arrangements. Send invitations to them at least three months before the wedding date. If you are hoping to get married abroad and you are planning on inviting friends and relatives then you should send out invitations nine to twelve months ahead of the date.

Outside of these special circumstances we recommend that you order your wedding stationery four to six months prior to the event if time allows but at least three to four months in advance. Although the actual print process only takes a few days the wedding season gets incredibly busy and we have to serve clients on a first come first served basis, this may mean you are disappointed if you are in a queue and you don't book early enough!) Give your guests plenty of time to reply to your RSVP - sending your invitations out eight to twelve weeks in advance should be sufficient and do keep an up to date list so you can keep an accurate head count.

If you're hiring Top & Tails, Limousine, horse and carriage or entertainment all should be booked as early as possible or you could be disappointed, avoid last minute panics!

Can I Design My Own Patterns?

Yes, you can. In the first instance you should email us to confirm that's what you would like to do and we will advise you how to send us artwork or sketches. Drawings can be very rough, don't worry if you're not a good artist as long as we get the idea our artwork department will draw up your ideas and they'll work with you until you're happy. Do bear in mind that you ideas may not be suitable for letterpress or embossing techniques but normally some minor modifications will be sufficient to overcome this. If you are using somebody else's ideas or picture you must make sure that the material is copyright free or that you have written permission to use it. If you've found something on the internet do remember that digital material still has copyright on it. Talk to us if you're in any doubt.

Wedding Planning Advice

Deciding what type of wedding you would like is the first step - a church wedding is the more traditional and the minister can be a great help if you have concerns or you need guidance (not just for the wedding but perhaps for the rest of life yet to come!!) Do make sure that your reception venue will be big enough, sometimes places appear quite large but you need to check with the manager as fire regulations etc can limit the number in attendance. You don't want any last minute surprises. Are you going to employ a theme or use colour schemes as this will have a bearing on your wedding invitations?

If family or friends will be coming from abroad do you need to arrange accomodation for them and do they have any special needs that may need organizing? You might have to arrange transport from the airport.

How many invitations should I order? Firstly, if you have a hundred guests you won't need a hundred invitations, although some will come on their own many will be couples perhaps with several children but as a family they will only need one invitation. You may find that sixty invitations will be enough although if the couple getting married are quite young they will have a lot of single friends so that may push the numbers up. We do recommend that you order a few extra invitations for any forgotten friends or relatives as well as to replace guests who are unable to come. How many is not an exact science and will depend on the size of your guest list so just try and order what you think will be enough. We will keep your printing plates untill the date of your wedding has expired so we can run more invites but this would be expensive for just a few and at busier times of the year may be impossible to arrange in time.

Above all it is YOUR wedding so make sure you both relax and enjoy the whole experience from start to finish. There will never be another day like it but if after all your efforts and hard work things don't go exactly according to plan, take it in your stride - you can always look back in the years to come and laugh!

And don't forget we're always here for you, please feel free to telephone or email don't worry that your enquiry will seem trivial, if it's important to you it will be important to us.

The Order Process

1) Fill out the order form for your chosen invitation set including typestyle choice, ink colour, paper specification and quantity required then make your payment at our secure payment service.

2) Once you have placed an order a confirmation email will be sent to you, please don't reply to this!

3) Shortly after your order is received we will email a proof to you, this will be a formal confirmation that we have your correct choice of printing requirements. This form will contain tick boxes to accept the proof or make amendments, include any changes of information in the box provided and email the proof back to us. If changes have been made we will send a further proof. Accepting a proof is legally binding so DO CHECK YOUR DETAILS CAREFULLY.

4) Once you have confirmed your proofs we will proceed with your order so make sure you don't delay needlessly, orders on average take four to six weeks but this changes around the year. Check our lead-time calculator to see our current turnaround times, the earlier we receive your order the better.

5) Orders will be despatched by courier and should arrive the next working day before 5.30 p.m. (if you have special needs for delivery times please see our shipping details for options). We will send you an email to confirm your invitations are on their way. ALL DELIVERIES REQUIRE A SIGNATURE and it is important therefore that someone be present at the receiving address.

Tell Us What You Think!

Finally, we work very hard for our customers and love to get YOUR feedback so please email us at our dedicated mail box with your comments on both products and service. Also if you have any tips and advice of your own (probably learned the hard way) ideas for unusual gifts, wedding venues and menu's or any great stories then let us have those too and we'll add them to our new 'Dearly Beloved' page coming soon!

From all of us at Willow Wood we send our BEST WISHES and hope you have a FANTASTIC wedding day!

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